Sellers Have an Opportunity with Today’s Home Prices

May 24, 2022

As mortgage rates started to rise this year, many homeowners began to wonder if the value of their homes would fall. Here’s the good news. Historically, when mortgage rates rise by a percentage point or more, home values continue to appreciate. The latest data on home prices seems to confirm that trend. According to data…

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The odds of a home price decline hitting your local housing market?

April 30, 2022

Fed Chair Jerome Powell has made it clear: The central bank is done sitting on the sidelines as inflation chips away at the value of the dollar. The plan? Put upward pressure on interest rates until price growth relents. Historically speaking, that inflation fighting playbook is particularly hard-felt in the housing market, where spiking mortgage…

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A housing bubble is brewing—but not like 2008—says Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas

April 27, 2022

Home shoppers who paused their search last year, in hopes that 2022 would be friendlier, aren’t feeling great: We learned on Tuesday that year-over-year U.S. home price growth accelerated to 19.2% in January. That’s up from the 11.3% uptick posted at the same time last year. The latest jump is also well above the peak annual rate (14.5%)…

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